Wisewell Model 1

Order your Wisewell Model 1 today and join the hydration revolution. Turn your tap water into safe, mineralized water while saving time, money, and plastic. Includes a free six-month Clean Water Subscription.
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  • Installation-free
  • App Sync
  • Full Spectrum Filtration
  • Temperature Control
  • 9.5L Total Water Capacity
  • Touch Panel

Full Spectrum Filtration

The most common household water purification techniques only use one type of filter - and that’s like washing your laundry without detergent. It’s only partially effective and leaves the job unfinished. Wisewell’s four-step process transforms your tap water into delicious, clean, mineralized drinking water.

Wisewell App

The Wisewell App uses internal sensors, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi connectivity to give clear insights into water quality, filter life, environmental impact, and how much money you are saving compared to bottled water.

Clean Water Subscription

Have peace of mind regarding your planet, and pocket with the Clean Water Subscription, which provides you with access to the Wisewell App and Filter Replacement Program.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Steph K
Wisewell model 1

Amazing and much needed addition to our kitchen ! So easy to use and gives the whole family peace of mind that we’re able to filter our own water and finally doing away with plastics .

Adel Amin

Wisewell Model 1 Subscription

Super happy customer

I am very happy with this amazing water filter.