Mineral filter

wisewell mineral filter

Superior safety doesn't need to mean inferior taste. Many reverse osmosis systems leave your water stripped of all minerals—Wisewell introduces trace amounts with a Maifan stone, enhancing flavor and texture.

What is a Mineral filter?

Our mineral filter is made of Maifan stone, a natural stone that has been used for centuries to treat skin diseases due to its mineral richness. It adds healthy minerals to your water—the same found in many naturally sourced mineral waters—while also helping to remove heavy metals and chlorine. It’s a natural way to infuse your water with the nutrients you need that may have been removed by other filtration methods.

How Does It Work?

Our mineral filter gently releases healthy minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc, and iron into your water—nutrients that are essential to your health and taste delicious and refreshing. Maifan stones are porous and have the capacity to activate ions in water, meaning they can bring overly acidic water closer to a neutral pH.

If this sounds surprisingly useful for a plain old rock, that’s because it is: for thousands of years, Maifan stone has been called “medicine stone” due to its powerful mineral properties.

mineral filter maifan stone

What Does It Remove?

Maifan stones don’t just add healthy minerals into your water—they also help remove mercury, lead, cadmium, and other heavy metals from your water through adsorption, attracting other molecules to their surface.

Our Maifan stone filter adds beneficial minerals and great natural taste back into your water while filtering out contaminants. Wisewell water isn’t just pure—it’s also delicious.

Full Spectrum Filtration

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*The UV Light turns on periodically to make sure your water remains free from viruses and bacteria