Clean Water Subscription

Regular price $90 for 6 Months
Regular price Sale price $90 for 6 Months
  • Receive replacement filters every 6 months
  • Twist-and-click technology makes filters effortlessly easy to replace
  • Use the Wisewell app to monitor your water’s quality before and after filtration
  • Track your personal savings and reduced plastic usage in the Wisewell App

No more wondering when it’s time to
change your filters.

How It Works

No need to hook it up to an external water source, place your Wisewell in any room, plug it in, fill up the tank, and enjoy pure, safe water.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filtration removes chlorine, small solids like sediment, and volatile organic compounds to clean up your water and improve its taste and smell.

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Reverse Osmosis

Our reverse osmosis filter removes contaminants such as metal ions and aqueous salts via high-pressure filtration. Most importantly, reverse osmosis removes virtually all “forever chemicals,” the dangerous compounds that other types of filters let pass into your drinking water.

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Mineral Filter

Superior safety doesn’t have to mean inferior taste. Many reverse osmosis systems filter out the healthy compounds from your water—Wisewell’s Maifan stone adds beneficial minerals to each glass, enhancing both flavor and texture.

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