Setting Up Your Wisewell

Ensure all local, state, and federal laws and codes including health and safety guidelines are met when installing your Wisewell. Your first set up will take approximately 45 minutes.


Connect the power cord to the power interface at the back of your Wisewell, and then insert the power plug into the outlet.


1. Grant the app permission to use WiFi and location access.
2. Enter your WiFi network and password into the app.
3. Put your Wisewell into Connection Mode by pressing and holding the left arrow and ‘Dispense’ button on your Wisewell’s touch panel until the WiFi icon blinks (it should take 3 seconds)
4. Tap ‘Connect’ in the app. This will transmit the WiFi credentials to your 5. Wisewell while in connection mode.
5. Your Wisewell will then try to connect to WiFi.
- If it is successful, you will be prompted to name your Wisewell.
- If it is not successful, the app will time out after a minute of waiting. 
You can retry using Bluetooth by tapping on ‘Connect with Bluetooth’.


    1. Fill the water tank

    Remove the water tank from your Wisewell and fill with tap water until the water level is between the MAX and MIN markings.


    2. Activate your filters

    Place the water tank back onto your Wisewell and allow water to filter through until the light pulses or after 15 minutes, whichever comes first (there will still be residual water in the tank).
    If the locking tabs on the tank are not positioned on the device properly, readjust and lock it in place.

    3. Drain your Wisewell

    Remove the water tank and position it under the spout. Simultaneously press the ‘Dispense’ button and the right arrow. Once complete, press the ‘Dispense’ button again and dispose of the water in the tank.


    4. Repeat

    Repeat steps 2 and 3 two more times.