• Installation-free
  • App Sync
  • Touch Panel
  • Temperature Control
  • 9.5L Total Water Capacity
  • Full Spectrum Filtration

1 wisewell
bottles saved per year

We estimate that a family using Wisewell for one year will spare the need for 3,700 single-use water bottles and help reduce the amount of plastic entering our oceans.

It’s time to take your water into your own hands.

Start your journey towards sustainability today. Let's #RevitalizeTheOcean

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“The plastic water bottle industry is expensive for people and planet. The fact that we are filling containers made out of hydrocarbons and shipping them across the world —emitting tons of carbon —makes no sense. It costs more money, and it’s terrible for the environment.

Our mission is to help people hydrate safely by reducing microplastics in water at home and in our oceans.”

- Sami Khoreibi and Sebastien Wakim